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Gautrain Gallery Access.

IA few months ago, I had approached Gautrain. In Conjunction of gaining access to thier web based image gallery, as well as permission to make use of the images as a "Media" Partner. t With this images from the gallery will be used for reference in current and future projects, as well as a possible virtual "Gautrain".

O.R Tambo Intl project gets help from gautrain image gallery.

Thanks to Gautrain, in giving me access to their image gallery, The O.R Tambo FSX Project now will be making use of Gautrain's imagery from the online gallery. This is also in conjunction of the adoption of Google Earth, some time ago as a major design tool. Which now aids in developing very accurate scenery.

How can I help?

I'm always looking for outside help. Currently Photography and Even 3d Models of South African Objects are things of need right now. If you have the skills taking Photo's and can spare time to do so, please approach me to see what i'm looking for in terms of each project.


First Aircraft Development Project: FSX Boeing 707-320 c

South African Scenery Project FSX

A rigerous project has been initiated to slowly and eventually replace the default FSX South African Scenery with more accurate and realistic looking senery, designed to mimic the real south african feel. Photoreal imagery will be implemented where possible with projects and that landmarks, buildings and other structures are placed using geospatial technology like Google logoEarth to Accuratley place items in correct locations.

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