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About "Virtual Aerospace Design"South Africa.

The Idea of Becoming a Scenery Developer For Microsoft Flight Simulator. Began through the discovery of Microsoft Flight Simulator 4. And that suffering a hard-drive crash, I had lost my "copy" of FS4. a Far cry from Fs2004 or FSX yet enjoyable for it's unique features at the time. The Simulator Bug died down for a month or two. Or more till I discovered FS5.0 in a Book Store. At Bryan Park Shopping Centre. Then the Flight Simulator Bug Hit. Big Time, Once I had our First Internet Connection, I discovered The Online Flight Simulator Community. Discovering Local Sceneries, Aircraft and Adventures. Making the Flight simulator even more enjoyable. And Meeting New Friends from South Africa and Beyond.

Since then a passion for Flying and Flight Simulator has grown deep inside of my Roots. I've always been artistic, inventive and creative as a youngster and feel these past times within the Design work that I do. My Development goal For Fs2004 and FSX is to produce scenery and other Add-on products with a Commercial Feel, yet without the requirements for a Credit Card. All my work is planned to be released as Freeware and that it will remain like this.

To this day everything I've learned so far, is from the Internet, through Reputible sources and Through lots time teaching myself Gmax and Adobe Photoshop. Even though I'm still learning. I have a strong dedication to the hobby and that I began VADS (Virtual Aerospace Design South Africa) through going through several names. And that my goal is to produce Freeware Scenery for FSX and maybe FS2004. Also I Support what other developers do and think it's an important aspect of the hobby.

II thank you for Visiting and Hope you will come back soon.

Gareth. Virtual Aviation Design, South Africa








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